Gourmet Sausages

Gourmet Sausages


Gourmet Liver Sausages: Top quality beef liver and chicken sausages all made with 70% meat and contain only human grade materials. 

Composition: Beef Liver 30%, other meats(Chicken) 40%, cereals,


Additives: preservative E223 sodium meta bisulphite

Analytical Constituents:

Protein:       22.6%

Oil:         10.2%

Fibre:      0.5%

Ash:        7.6%

Moisture:     15.9%


Gourmet Smoked Chicken Sausages:  Made with 70% human grade Chicken

Composition: chicken 70%, cereals, minerals, seasoning 

Additives: permitted preservative; sodium meta bisulphite E223

Analytical Constituents:

Protein 20.8%

Oil 20.1%

Fibre: 0.9%

Ash 5.9%

Moisture 16.2%

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